mount rail on tripod?

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is there any way to mount the rail on a tripod to get a wider range of shots instead of just floor/table level?


  • Yes, there are at least three points to mount on a tripod.
    If you have a heavy tripod you can use just that one.
    If you have a normal foto-tripod you should use two of them.

    Look at this: (Don't care about all these cables, they are not part of the axis-system. I just build a battery-pack to provide energy to camera, silder and some other gear for about 24 hours)
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  • Yeah, I agree with Adamus for the Axis360 slider using one strong tripod. Our other moco dolly, the CineMoco System needs two tripods.

    CineMoco System - has a 1/4"-20 mount for each rail connector

    Axis360 Pro - has a 3/8"-16 mount on the center rail brace and includes 1/4"-20 adapter. Also has several 1/4"-20 threads on the outrigger legs / slider ends.
  • Nothing against the Cinetics rails but I built my own rail system 6' long that uses contractor tripods. I will post pics tonight..

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