360 product Photography with the Axis360

Can the Axis360 be used to shoot 360 products, attach a turntable to the Axis360 and can the controller be programed to stop 36 times per rotation.


  • Hi.

    Yes, I think so. I have tought about it before.
    You could mount a disc or something like on the motor instead of the camera. This would give you a programable 'turntable'.
    Than you would program the controller to move 10° and stop for let's say 10 seconds to take you picture (cam mounted on a tripod). Than it would move again 10° and so on.
    You would not have to take the picture by your own, the controller would fire the camera right at the time when the motor has stopped.

    Afterwards you would have 36 pictures. You could use some sort of program to link these pictures and build a moveable and zoomable "3d-product-picture".

  • This would be cool. I wonder if anyone has done this? I'm not sure why it would be a problem if the controller fired the camera right when the motor stopped, as Adamus mentioned. To get around that, you could set up a 1 shot, X° timelapse and just keep repeating it. I think this could be done with just a turntable disc with a 1/4-20 thread on the bottom mounted to an Axis360 motor. Would be pretty cool :)
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