Motor Type difference between pan / tilt - slider - s60 - m60

Hi , before you read this , believe me , i ´ve searched a lot and still cant find the answer so im asking here in the forum.

Why do you have 4 options to set the motor ? whats the difference between putting one or another , but mainly the difference between s60 and m 60 How does each option affect the performance of the cinemoco , i try to understand that you set pan and tilt when you want to do a pan .... or a tilt .... and you put slider when you want to do a timelpase or a video , but when and why you put s60 and m60 , i´ve read a lot your manual and cant find it anywhere and really need help.


  • Yep, I've got the same question.
  • Hi there,

    The S60 and M60 are for the other tool cinetics sells: the cinemoco-dolly-sytem. (When I'm informed right)
    So if you use the axis-system just ignore s/m60.

  • Thank you for the answer. I ve used my slider 2 times and both were with the wrong settings. It will be really nice if the people who developed this product put more information in the manual. I guess a a bad use of settings can damage or break the motor.
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    I dont think you can break this motor only with a huge amount of force. It is really solid.

    Have you found out how to set your contoller?
    If you need help you can answer any question here. We, the users, or the team of cinetics will help you.
  • on the back of old cinemoco motor there's a M60 stick label on it.
  • You've all got it correct :)

    Pan/Tilt is for pan or tilt moves with Axis360
    Slide is for slider moves with Axis360
    S60 & M60 are for dolly moves with CineMoco dolly and track system. The dolly motor either has an S60 or M60 decal on it.

    These settings are irrelevant when using keyframes to set up shots. They define the proper distance or angle when using the run mode. For example, if you need to do a 50cm slide with Axis360 and the controller is set to M60, the distance will not be accurate.

    Sorry that wasn't clear initially, and I hope this helps! Thanks!
  • @adamus @justin

    Thank you for the answers , im really happy with the slider and the way it works , it´s just matter of time for a really accurate use.

    I´ve done some tests and im still looking the way to set the controller and get movement. if any doubt appears in the future i´ll be writing. Again thanks for the support.
  • I have both a CineMoco motor and an Axis360 motor. The CineMoco motor did not come with a sticker identifying it as s60 or m60. What is the difference / how can I tell? It was SKU 661799189927/MOT
  • Hi @Charlie, the setting is a distance calibration...
    If you have an S60 set to S60, it will move 10cm when set to move 10cm.
    If you have an S60 set to M60, it will move 20cm when set to move 10cm.
    Hope that helps!
  • Oh, sorry @Charlie. I just realized you are using an Axis360 motor. If you are doing a pan/tilt move, set the controller to motor type pan/tilt. If you are doing a slide, set it to slide :) The S60 & M60 options are for this motorized dolly:
  • Is there owners manual for the Axis360 that will explain how to make it turn in time-lapse mode?

  • Check out this video starting at 3:00

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