Timelapse Calculator

Hey Everyone,

We have created a timelapse calculator to help you all get started with your calculations. Let us know if this is helpful, and if you have any ideas to make it better!

see it here http://blog.cinetics.com/timelapse-calculator/



  • Thanks Drew! Will be sure to test it out in my next field trip.
  • Hi Drew,
    I've been trying to use my Lumix GH4 with my AxisPro360 but it keeps triggering video and not stills. Other people have posted problems but nobody at Cinetics seems to have the answer. Otherwise, I have to judge the timing of the camera with the timing of the AxisPro, which is really inaccurate/difficult. I'm using it for network television and I need it be smooth and professional looking.
    Justin posted some possible fixes but that didn't work for me(unless I missed the answer somewhere?). Wondering if you know anything? I'm using Cinemoco v2.4- just bought it in December. Thanks.
    I'd love a step-by-step process to get it done.
  • Flanagantv,

    Sorry you're having trouble. Justin would have the most knowledge on the matter, as he has tried it himself and has found a solution that worked for him.That post is old, and since then Panasonic has been added to the "Cam Type" under the "Cam" menu. Try to set the Cam Type to Panasonic and see if it works. If you have done that already (there's a good chance you have), get back to me and we will continue to figure out a solution.

  • Hi.

    Your calculator workes great, but there might something spelled wrong:

    When I type in:
    RecTime: 30 min
    FPS (playback): 25
    PlaybackTime: 12 sec

    It calculates:
    Recording FPS: 6

    Thats right, I would have to take one picture every 6 seconds over a time of 1800 secs (1/2 hour) to get a timelapse with a playbacktime of 12 secs @ 25fps

    But that means that the 'Recording FPS' is not 6. (it does not record 6 frames per second [fps]) It does record 0.1666 fps.)
    It must be spelled 'Recording SPF: 6'. It takes 6 seconds per frame to record.

    The the calculation is not FPS but SPF

    Am I wrong?
  • You are not wrong! It has been updated. Thank you Adamus
  • Looks like a great tool for planning timelapse shots. Took me a second to realize that Recording SPF is seconds per frame... the time interval between photos. Also, might be cool if you could add image size (Canon RAW is ~ 30MB) and then calculate required memory (30MB x 600 photos = 1.8 GB)

    Very cool. Thanks for building this!

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