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Does the cinemoco move fast enough to use it for video and not stills? What I would like to do is have it rotate around products on a table. Does anyone have an example of this? Also, can you move the cinemoco freely on the tracks without using the motors? I want to be able to use as a regular "slider" by hand as well as the motion control.


  • Should work great for that. It can move very quickly, can do arcs and circles on a table, and can work without the motor :) Here is an example video...

  • Do you have to disconnect the motor to run it freely or what? How hard is it to take the motor off or do i just need to buy the vwheels that dont have the motor attached? Thanks
  • The smoothest free movement would be with 3 bearing wheels and no motor attached. The motor does roll freely as long is it not being actively driven by the controller though, no need to disconnect anything. Hope that helps!
  • Follow this link if possible. I used my Cinemoco to vid my steak.

  • Cool! The arc move looks great :) Thanks for sharing your video!!

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