New user - having some problems with my system

Hey all. I got my cinemoco system very recently and set it up to learn how to use it. The first couple times, it seemed to work great, but now it is having serious issues. At first, the controller would just turn off a few minutes into a timelapse run for no apparent reason, and now the controller will go dead whenever it tries to start the motor.

When I start the motor for any reason, the controller immediately shuts off and dies and won't turn on. It immediately starts working again after I plug it into the power charger, but it won't turn on until it's plugged in. The controller just shuts off whenever it starts the motor for any reason, even if that's just plugging the motor into the controller with "motor sleep" turned off.

Am I doing anything wrong that could cause this? The controller shows the battery as always having decent charge, and I don't know what the issue could be. Any help for why my controller won't work?


  • Hmm, this sounds odd. I'd try a reset to default settings... last option in the CON menu. If that doesn't help, send a message to info at cinetics dot com to arrange a repair. Could be a bad battery, but maybe a problem on the controller circuit board or in the motor? Sorry for the trouble.
  • aaros,
    I'm new to this system as well and after two days of trying to get the Axis 360 to turn in time lapse mode i'm beginning to wonder.
  • @Aaros were you able to get things straightened out?
    @Jack let us know if you are still having issues please.

    Thank you!

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