Manual for the Controller

Is there a manual for the Controller. The video for the controller is too basic.
I shoot only timelapse, so for example on the slider controller it is set up for TIMELAPSE S-M-S.
1) Why does the record time and playB time do other than the obvious names. I've found that if I want my session to be on a 64" slider, 25 second exposures, the record time has to be at 4hours and 9 minutes. The FPS seems to control my total exposures (600) when set to 64.

I notice though that controller stops at exposure 410 not 600.

Anyone know of a manual, in depth tutorial or youtube video that covers this unit?


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    Hi there, here is the cinemoco controller manual. You can find more info here also:

    There is logic in the controller that keeps you from setting impossible shots. It isn't perfect, and we are working to improve. Basically, if you are recording for 100 minutes, and want a 10sec playback 25fps video, the shot interval (top left of screen) is 10s * 25fps / 100m * 1m / 60s = 4.2s. You can not have an exposure longer than 4.2s to achieve this shot, there is also a camera delay (to allow the camera to write the photo) and a motor delay (to allow the motor to move in SMS), so it is good practice to always leave 2-3 extra seconds. So, for a 4.2s interval, I would recommend an exposure time around 1s or less.
  • Hi Justin,
    The link you provided above for the cinemoco manual v2.0 is broken, as it is on the page of how to videos! Please fix and advise...

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Hi Justin,

    While the above provided link is broken I did find the manual with some poking around...

    I have read through it and although it has given me a greater understanding of what all the settings do, I still seem to be having difficulty with having the controller shoot the correct number of images in a given time period...

    According to the above formula the settings that go into calculating the interval shown in the upper left corner are recording time, playback time and frames per second, as well as the camera and motor delays. By setting these parameters you should be able to create an interval at least 3 seconds longer than the set exposure time (given you are setting your camera to bulb and having the controller control the camera shutter speed)... Is that correct? Is there a master formula and logic with all of the variable and settable parameters in order to reliably determine the correct interval. I have attempted several test time lapses with a pan arrangement and each time I end up with less exposures than intended...

    Can you give insight as to how working with the camera in manual mode in order to set longer exposures would differ if my above statement is correct?

    Thanks again for any insight and help...
  • Do you have the correct link available?
  • @MarcoC I updated the link in my post above. Here is the new one.

    @dlbrix I think setting interval time to 3 seconds longer than the camera exposure would be a safe method. You just want there to be enough time for the motor movements and for the camera to save the image. So it varies depending on camera and size of the photo files. If you want to set exposure on your camera in manual mode, just make sure the camera exposure setting is equal to or less than the controller exposure setting. So you can be sure the motors are not moving while the photo is exposing. Hope that helps!
  • Yes. Thanks Justin.... BTW: I have had a number of conversations with Augie that have been quite helpful. He is an asset!
  • Glad he has been helpful! We are well aware of how awesome Augie is. Thanks for reminding us though!! :smile:

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