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I sent this at the end of an email to you guys but didn't hear anything back.

"I have a bit of a technical question. Do you use the MoCoBus protocol? http://support.dynamicperception.com/hc/en-us/articles/201810630-What-is-the-MocoBus-

There is a app called DSLR dashboard, which is becoming a standard for time-lapse, that can control the dynamic perception Moco devices. The developer is pretty open to adding any functionality to the app (he has already created an excellent module for LR Time-lapse). It would be great if you guys could get the Axis 360 working with it too. http://dslrdashboard.info/"

Is there also any other software that controls the axis 360/cinemoco via USB? Dragonframe is pretty expensive seeing as I will only be using a very small part of the functionality. Is there anything cheaper or open source?


  • Hi Duncan, thanks for the message. The CineMoco controller does use a version of MoCoBus, but it is not compatible with the DSLR dashboard app that you mentioned. That's not to say that compatibility is impossible, we just have not used the app or confirmed compatibility. Currently, Dragonframe is the only option to control via USB. We'll dig into this a bit and let you know if we have any promising results. Thanks for the question!
  • Hi Justin, any follow-up on this? Just bought my Axis360 and would love to have dslrDashboard to the bulb ramping for me. Would be a great combo.
  • I'm also interested in an update on interconnecting with dslrDashboard as I agree, it would be very useful...
    I also wonder if I made the right decision going with Cinetics without this capability as easy interworking with dslrDashboard and LRTimelapse is important ...
  • FYI - DslrDashboard & MoCo bus integration URL =
    I'm guessing it would be simpler for DslrDashboard to think the AXIS360 CineMoco would be a slave NMX controller
  • Hey guys, Im looking over this thread and wondering if there has been any movement on this. I have been using DSLR Dashboard specifically with LRTimelapse more and more and its getting difficult to choose if I want more exposure control, and an interface, or the slider/pan/tilt of the Cinetics.
  • Wondering if there has been any new developments with this issue. I too use DSLR Dashboard and the Three Axis360 Pro. Would be great if they sync. If not, has anybody found settings where you don't get slider movement during exposure using DSLR Dash as the camera controller?
  • I just reached out to dslrdashboard to see if they can help with this. Will let you know what I learn :)
  • I just received my Axis360 today and am excited to see what it can do. I also would like to add my name to the list of those calling for DSLR Dashboard integration. I have invested in my first slider to take my time lapse to the next level. It looks like DSLR Dash and LRTimelapse are becoming standard kit for more complex time lapse projects. This could really become a make or break requirement for Axis360 integration in TL productions. Now...time to go play!!
  • I received my Axis 360 a couple of weeks ago and I intend to use it, amongst other things, to shoot motion controlled time lapses of the stars and the milky way. I have been experimenting with qDslrDashboard my self and would find it invaluable if that app were able to control the Axis 360 as well as controlling the day to night transitions for a "Holy Grail" timelapse.

    I am willing to facilitate this in any way that Cinetics might find useful!!

    BTW: I am struggling with understanding how to reliably set the various parameters on the CineMoco Controller for the Axis 360, let alone fully understand what everything does. Their documentation leaves a lot to be desired for the uninitiated. I am tempted to master it and then write "The Lost Manual"...
  • If you end up writing an improved manual, you might earn some free gear!!

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