Pan / Tilt in video mode


Is it safe to assume that you just use 2 motors separately (not chained) to achieve this?


  • Yes that works. Or you can chain them :)
  • Thanks Justin, So if you chain them do you just set point on each controller? In video mode, it appears you cant control both motors from the master controller. Or maybe I might be missing something. Only been an owner for 1 day
  • Hi Tango, you can control all motors from the master. In software version 2.4 you need to be in keyframe mode to do this. In 2.5, which is coming soon, this should be possible in both keyframe and run mode.
  • Is it safe to say that 2.5 does not include the capacity to set End/Start points in Run mode? At least I'm not seeing it...
  • @scottbrickert You are correct. Keyframe mode enables you to set the start and end points. Run mode enables you to set the move distance.

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