Motor Thread Problem

I bought the Three Axis360 Pro Slider last week and have used it a few times, in that time the thread on the motor attached to the top of the slider appears to have worn to the extent that it won't connect to the quick release bracket anymore, which means I can't attach the third motor/axis. Even before this had worn it seemed like a weak connection, as shown in the video below it barely attaches to any of the thread on the motor.

It is a lot of weight to have on one tiny bolt, let alone one that barely connects. How can I go about getting this fixed? Also, are there better ways of connecting this part?
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  • Just to clarify the problem part:
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    Hi @paulmarke, try flipping the thread adapter shown at 0:25 in your video over. So the flange is facing down toward the silver pulley. This way the adapter threads into the bottom of the black arca clamp. Hope that solves your issue!
  • I have the same issue. I made a post without seeing this one by mistake. My solution was to order brass converters off eBay that do NOT have the flange and are longer. I was going to JR weld them on as all of my stuff is 3/8. After putting the new brass converters on pulley I realized I did not need JB everything tightened up good hope this helps and hope cinetics creates a stronger connection

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