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I have all the settings correct as far as I can tell but it still moves during the exposure time. I believe this is because when the program starts it opens the shutter first but then immediately moves. In doing this it throws the entire sequence off. I have reset settings, ensured im on single shot on camera and there is PLENTY of time between exposure and motor movement. What am I missing?


  • hi @madtabula,

    It sounds like the exposure time on the controller is set to be shorter than the exposure time on your camera. You can set your camera to the Bulb setting, so the controller sets the camera's exposure time, or make sure your camera exposure time is set to be less than the setting on the controller.

    Hope this helps :)
  • I did have it on bulb and there was plenty of time set on the controller for exposure to accommodate the processing of the file. I'll keep checking on this. Thanks
  • I've also had this problem that I've posted. A work around if you're using a fast shutter speed is to put it into Continuous instead of S-M-S.

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