1/4 to 3/8 conversion

I am new to Cinetics so bear with me.

I bought an axis 360 with 2 motors slightly used from Ebay. Very impressed with the build quality. However the rail brace 3/8 connection (where you connect a tripod) was stripped. I rigged something up to make it work with my tripod. I could buy a new rail brace but am looking for another option.

As I set up various scenarios like pan/tilt and slider I noticed that the standard seems to be 1/4 but some fittings are 3/8th. I got a few 1/4 to 3/8 converters with the system. What I dont understand is why the motors do not have a 3/8th male thread. The amount of weight that goes on with a pan/tilt is quite a bit. There is only a few threads that holds everything. I have noticed at times that it simply does not hold. There is no rubber to help hold things in place.

My question is:

Can I change out the motor 1/4 male thread to 3/8 WITHOUT a converter (these do not hold well). Like can I get that entire piece and reassemble the motor with it?

I am getting desperate as the 1/4 is not working for me. On one motor it is nearly stripped out. I am currently looking at using a brass 3/8 converter and using something like locktite or JBweld to permanently hold it. I need to fasten stuff on tight and not worry about it slipping during a long time exposure.

any ideas?


  • on the rail brace I would of used a dove tail or arca swiss style connection. I think that is what I am going to retrofit it with.
  • Hi @madtabula
    Glad you're digging into the gear! The motor does have a 1/4-20 thread and includes an adapter to 3/8-16. I understand you need a rigid 3/8 connection. Loctiting the adapter in place is an option, but I think your idea of using an arca-type dovetail would work best. Please let us know how that works for you!

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