axis movement synchronization

Hi guys,

I cant manage how to synchronize two movements like a side with a pan in loop mode. For example, I need that my pan and slide starts and finish at the same time. Like if I need a shot focusing on one thing, and the slide goes on and the pan always have on focus the target, and then again and again and again, in loop mode.

Please help!!!


  • Hi @chapinfilms

    The way to do this is to use timelapse mode instead of video mode. Video mode enables you to set the speed but not the run time. Timelapse mode does a more advanced move that enables you to set the run time for each motor.
    So use Timelapse mode and set Playback Time and Playback FPS both to 1 (since you don't need it to fire the timelapse photos) and Move Type to Continuous.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Justin!!!

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