External Battery Options for Axis360

Hi all,

I just wanted to make a post here (at Justin's request!) on a few options I found for an external battery that can power the Axis360 controller. As far as I can tell the only requirement is an output voltage of 12V with a max (supported) current draw of at least 1 amp. From what Justin told me (and from poking around the cinetics website) the internal battery has a capacity of 3100 mAh which in my experience lasts about 5.5 hours (at least at 0 C and ~30 sec intervals lol). The cutoff voltage at which the controller will switch over to internal battery is 11.1 volts. Here are some of the options I've found below, with capacities quoted for 12 V. The TalentCell batteries I've actually used before on a different time lapse set up I borrowed a while ago, so I know they work.

Somoder 12,000 mAh ($56):

TalentCell 8300 mAh ($49):

TalentCell 6000 mAh ($34):

TalentCell 3000 mAh ($24):

Personally I'm going with the 6000 mAh capacity battery, as it has the best trade off in capacity and price. Also as a bonus, the charger for the 6000 mAh battery is also 12.6 V at 1 amp, which is exactly what the Axis360 controller's charger is rated at. So both chargers are interchangeable. Hope this helps anyone else out there thinking of getting an external battery.


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