Slider Incline issue, and 3 axis sync question

1. Slider at incline: I put my slider at a ~70 degree incline for a 3 way motion (Pan and Tilt set up on the slider). Canon 7D with a wide angle Tokina lens. The slider kept failing. It would run about 10 cm, then ratchet back down rapidly. I took it apart, tightened the belt as tight as I could and tried again. I got the same results. This isn't a very heavy set up. What can I do to get this to work? In the demo, the slider runs vertically. The brake was off and I adjusted the tensioner to balance but I never had success.

2. 3 axis synchronization: When I sync 3 motors/controllers, and push Update chain... only Master, 1, 2 are sync'd but no other settings. If I'm setting up a time lapse how do I sync all settings throughout the 3 axis system without clicking through all the menus on each controller. This is extremely time consuming and error prone.


  • This system needs scripts or apps to simply complex movements.
  • @hashtagsebrell If you swap the slider motor with one of the pan/tilt motors, do you have the same problem? Actually, maybe you are saying the belt is slipping? You do need to push the belt tensioner back pretty firmly for higher load, incline moves. It should lift the setup you mentioned with no issue.
  • Motor sync only works 10% of the time for me. I repeatedly have to hit update chain on the master until all chained controllers react. Even then, after chaining, I sometimes see this scenario as pictured. These are daisy chained with all the same settings, however you can see in the image that one controller is about 100% faster than the other.

    In regards to my other original comments, I still can't get my slider to work vertically without the cart slipping back down the rails at some point, and I even bought a cheap lightweight video head to try. Another issue I've encountered, is if you are trying an incline with 3 axis motion, the system is so lopsided and carries enough weight that it will actually unscrew itself. I can't tighten the screw on the rail cart tight enough to avoid that. And I am close to stripping the screw altogether.
  • Hi Andrew, happy to help get these issues resolved. Chaining the controllers should work every time. Are you able to sync two of the controllers, and maybe the third has issues? Or is it possible one of the cables is the culprit?
    Make sure all controllers are on software 2.5. And if you can share some info on the settings you used I can try to reproduce the issue.
    And for the slider moving, can you tell if the belt is slipping on the pulley attached to the motor? If that is the case, this could be resolved by tensioning the pulley at the opposite end of the slider. And another thought... go into the motor menu and turn Keep Powered to On. This engages the motor at all times while the controller is on.
    And finally, the cart should mount the pan and tilt motors firmly. When you add a head between them, balancing the camera and motors become even more important. We can get you a replacement of the screw you mentioned (is it the one in the center of the slider cart?). Just please email for that.
  • Hi Justin,
    In the set up picture I posted earlier I only had 2 axis motion. I was able to resolve the issue by changing the Master from one controller to the other (changing the one that was set to Master to "1"). There seems to be an issue with my controller which I originally had set to Master. It takes multiple attempts to sync correctly, and I noticed after setting Keyframes, it sometimes restarts itself thus resetting the keyframes altogether. So, it doesn't look like a cable, it looks like the controller. (My interest in a compatible Lynx controller will help with this)
    As for the slider working vertically, I was basically trying to duplicate the set up shown in your video.. I posted a screenshot. But,I have 2 issues- the cart ends up falling back down the slider a few inches after advancing a foot or so. The belt appears to slip and it is at tight as possible. I have the motors always powered. I will try to swap out the motor to see if this resolves anything.
    I wrote in an earlier post that the screw in the cart for attaching ball heads or motors was stripping, but I am still able to tighten it down. If you reference the screenshot I attached... what happens for me is that the screw holding the ballhead becomes loose during a timelapse and the whole system comes crashing down. I can contact you for a replacement screw to see if it's a tightening issue.
  • One of my controllers is definitely causing issues. It won't sync other controllers or allow itself to be sync'd by another. I have also noticed that the screen flickers on/off after setting my keyframes.
  • Andrew, would you please send us an email and we can set up a repair? Thanks and sorry for the trouble!
  • I'm having trouble figuring out which one it is now. There is one controller that reboots itself from time to time setting keyframes, I thought it was that one. But now I can only get Sync to work 10% of the time for any of the 3 controllers. So, perhaps it is a cable issue.
  • Oh, I wonder if it is a sync cable?! Those are 3.5mm TRS cables, like an audio headphone one. Do you have another one of those around that you can try?
  • I can pick one up and see if it;s a cable issue..
  • After a lot of trial and error, I found the controller that is the culprit. The cables aren't the issue. One of my 3 controllers won't Sync the others when it is the Master controller. However, if one of the other controllers is set to Master it is able to be synced. The same controller also failed 1/3 of the way through my last time lapse. It was controlling the slider and only when about 3" before halting movement even though the shot count kept increasing.

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