Slider fails to get to the end (keyframe) point

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Hi, I´m trying to do a HDR timelapse setting start and end points with keyframes on both extremes of the slider rails. Record time 1hour, playback time 1 minute, move type s-m-s, playfps 25, ramp 5%. I´ve been testing several times, with different exposure times, but the slider never gets to the end point position. I couldn´t finde explained in any of your tutorials nor the pdf´s, what´s the relation between record time and total distance between start and end point. I´ve assumed the controller will do the maths so to a greater total distance, it will move more dinstance on every interval, but that seems not to be the case. Could you give me some clues on this? Thank you very much.


  • Hi @GuillermoKloetzer it sounds like your issue is too short of an interval between shots.

    You need time to fire, exposure and write all of the HDR photos and move the motors. So try, increasing your record time and/or decreasing your playback time. If you get the interval up to around 15 seconds, I bet the timing works out.

    I hope this is helpful. Please try it out and post any further questions here. Thanks

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