Sound difference motors with CineMoco or Dragon Frame


I noticed there's a difference in the noise levels/sound a stepper motor makes depending on the way I control it.
With CineMoco for example the noise is much lower in volume than when I control it with Dragon Frame.

I already noticed that the fastest speed (20000) in Dragon reduced the noise while in continuous motion, but accelerating and slowing down still produces a lot of sound. Is there a way to configure Dragon in such a way that it doesn't produce so much noise anymore?


  • Jeff, the controller firmware and Dragonframe are running at slightly different settings which effects the motor sound. The DF max speed you mentioned (2000 steps/s) is what we recommend, but a lower setting may be more quiet. Please post if you figure out a better setting and maybe someone else has more info.
  • Thanks for your reply Justin.
    After testing a lot of different things I found an incredible simple solution.

    menu: CON > Reset Settings

    Simply resetting the controller seemed to do the trick.

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