When setting the interval.. do you include the time of the exposure? Say I want a 30 sec interval and I'm taking a 20 sec exposure.. do I just keep the max time to 30 sec? Or is this really a 10 sec interval?


  • The exposure setting on the controller is there to make sure it doesn't start the move while the camera is shooting. So set the exposure to 22 sec, and as long as it has enough time to make the move with the time left over, 8 sec in a 30 sec interval, you'll be good.
  • I totally understand that part so the camera doesn't move... I think I'm still confused on this "interval" word for a time lapse. example stars and moon movement should have roughly 15-40 sec intervals... is this including the exposure? Or excluding the exposure? say I'm doing a 30 sec shot and I want a 40 sec interval. Do I set the max time to 40 sec on the controller and that equals 10 sec between shots and is still a 40 sec interval? Or 30 sec photo and max time 1min and 10 sec. with 40 sec between shots equals a 40 sec interval? I'm confused on that part..
  • The 40 seconds on the controller is including the exposure. So you would set your camera's exposure to 30 sec, the controller's exposure to 35 sec, and the interval to 70 sec. Then will take the picture, wait 5 sec, move and wait the remaining 35 sec. It will be counting down while it is moving.

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