Motion control Software: OSX or Windows based


I'm just wondering if anyone been successful at finding a piece of software that isn't dragon frame + DMC-16 to run the 3 Axis 360 rig ?

Similar to say Graffik ''

For the actual speed that the unit can run at in dragon frame is an external processor really necessary?

Thank-you in advance for reading and any ideas you have :smile:



  • Hi @Al_laing

    You can control Axis360 with Dragonframe without using the DMC-16. DF is the only software that Axis360 is compatible with.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi @Justin

    Thanks for your reply

    Probably should have clarified - I'm wishing to use the software for real time movement of the AXIS360.

    Currently dragon frame can be used to control AXIS 360 for stop motion/timelapse but not realtime movement without DMC-16.

    Have I missed something and it can do this?

    Dragon Frame can move the axis360 on it's timeline to key frames at real time but this requires adjustment to maximum jog speed in the 'axis' menu in dragon frame. This is clunky to work with

    Graffik appears to be able to make movement in realtime to desired keyframes without any adjustment to max jog speed

    Thanks for your help

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