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So I have read through the explanation of the various settings for time lapse several times and yet I'm unable to get a calculated result. I'm hoping that one of you that have had the time to figure this out can get me closer to understanding how these numbers relate. I will layout what my project was and the results I got.
I'm creating a 30 second video at 24fps. As a result, I should be shooting 720 images. I'm using a pan for this sequence and I want to have it cover 90 degrees. I'm setting a 5 second exposure on the controller and during that exposure, the camera shutter will open for 2 seconds. A 5 second exposure would yield 720 images over an hour. Btw, I really dislike how the term "exposure" is used for the controller. Perhaps call it a cycle (camera exposure plus processing time and camera movement). Anyways, my settings are below.

Distance: 90deg
Exposure: 5.0s
Rec Time: 01:00:00s
PlayB Time. 00:30s
PlayB FPS: 24
Move Type: S-M-S
Direction: CW
Ramp: 10%

The job ran for 1 hour and 5 minutes. Total frames shot were 631. So, while I had set a controller interval of 5 seconds, it really ran at 6.18 seconds. Why? Where am I wrong in my math and why did the controller run for a different exposure than what I set? Getting the exact number of frames in a specified time should be an exact science. Thanks in advance for any help offered.


  • Hello Dave, bump the exposure down to 3 seconds. The cycle time in the upper left corner will remain at 5 seconds. If you keep the exposure 2 seconds lower then the cycle time you shouldn't run in to this problem anymore.
  • Thanks Augie, I will try this today and post back my results
  • Augie, it looks like your suggestion did the trick. The job ran in the specified time and produced the right number of frames. So going forward, is this simply a rule of thumb to always keep the exposure setting 2 seconds lower than the cycle time? Is there an explanation as to why I need to do this? Thanks again for your help!
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    So the exposure is telling the controller how long it needs to wait after the camera has been fired so it doesn't start the next movement while the picture is being taken. The cycle time is the max amount of time the camera has to perform the move and take the shot to finish in the record time entered. If the amount of time needed for the exposure and movement is longer than the cycle time then the move is logically impossible and things will start to get wonky.
  •, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. I will be doing some more tests over the weekend.

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