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  • hey guys. I have a 3 axis 360 with all the bells and whistles. What do I need to do to upgrade to Lynx control? Do I just need the controller? Would you recommend I get the new lynx tilt and pan? Can I run the Lynx controller, the new lynx tilt and pan and a 360 slider (in order to save having to buy a lynx slider as well)?

    this is basically what the 360 always needed. This is looking good.
  • Hi @zerorespect, the Axis360 pan/tilt is better suited for the Axis360 slider. And the Lynx pan/tilt with the Lynx Slider.

    This is the recommended upgrade:

    Hope that helps!
  • What is the latest word on anticipated ship date for the early backers?
  • @TimS early backers can expect to start receiving their Lynx kits around the end of next week depending on how close you are to Austin and if you've completed the survey :) Thanks!!
  • Will we receive an email when it does ship?
    Will it include a tracking number.
    Anxious to get it and start using it.

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