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  • hey guys. I have a 3 axis 360 with all the bells and whistles. What do I need to do to upgrade to Lynx control? Do I just need the controller? Would you recommend I get the new lynx tilt and pan? Can I run the Lynx controller, the new lynx tilt and pan and a 360 slider (in order to save having to buy a lynx slider as well)?

    this is basically what the 360 always needed. This is looking good.
  • Hi @zerorespect, the Axis360 pan/tilt is better suited for the Axis360 slider. And the Lynx pan/tilt with the Lynx Slider.

    This is the recommended upgrade:

    Hope that helps!
  • What is the latest word on anticipated ship date for the early backers?
  • @TimS early backers can expect to start receiving their Lynx kits around the end of next week depending on how close you are to Austin and if you've completed the survey :) Thanks!!
  • Will we receive an email when it does ship?
    Will it include a tracking number.
    Anxious to get it and start using it.
  • H Tim, just emailed your tracking #
  • Thanks, it is due to arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it out and seeing what can be done with it. Thanks for the update and tracking number !
  • for those who have it! How loud the motor?
  • It's silent from my indoor tests. Will try and record some video.

    Curious if theres an easy way to detach cup mount (the one used to attach the controller to a motor). Seems to be pretty stuck on. Managed to unscrew it from the motor and the mount but the fit is super strong it seems.
  • I completed the Survey August 17th. I backed 399.00 for the lynx upgrade. Have not heard anything on why it has not shipped.

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    Got my Lynx a few days ago.

    Anybody who connected via Bluetooth has also noticed that the screen on the motion controller shifts up a few pixels ?

    regards Rainer
  • Hi,

    Well looks like the instruction manual an my Lynx controller firmware are different.

    In the manual it says Torque can be set in Settings. In my controller in Settings there is NO " Torque " menu ...

  • Hi,

    I want to run the factory presets but nothing happens ...

    Is there somewhere the possibility to update the firmware ?

    I have not done much but looks like reality is very different from Instruction manual ...

    What a pity ...

    Rainer ...
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    Another nuisance is the 4 arrow buttons, which are by far, too near to the centered select button.

    Very easy to press the select button when you do not want too. Perhaps it was designed by a Lady with very small fingers, but most of us with our sausage fingers, will have trouble :D
  • Hi,

    Well I managed to set up a program move as a Timelapse. What I notice is the followong which is no very logic.

    Right after stopping the move it operates the shutter. It would be far better to move, wait = time and then shot and right after shooting it should move, wai=time and then shoot and so on ...

    Why ? Very easy .... The whole enchilada moves a bit fast, stops, vibrates ... and this vibration is not good ...

    When you shoot, move, wait = time ... then the whole enchi8lada can settle down from the vibration until the next shot ...

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    In the instruction manual there is no mention of Chain but in the menu of my controller there are 2 menu of ¿ Chain settings ? ...

    Another thing is the 4 factory presets Sunset, Holy Grail, Panorama and Interview do absolutely nothing when I select them and press the middle select button ...

    ...There is something very wrong with my controller and nowhere I see the possibility for a firmware upload into the controller ...


  • Hi,

    ... and for today my last post is that from time to time my motors do make a nasty noise. similar to a grinding machine, and do not move ....

    They also have a lot of backlash ....

  • Hi @Rainer we'll be sending out firmware update instructions for the early bird backers soon.

    Also, I think it would be helpful to start new discussion threads for specific issues instead of posting everything in this intro thread. That will keep the forum more organized :)

    @madtabula I think we've already answered your question through email, but your Lynx Upgrade will be on its way to you next week if it is not already. You'll get an email with a tracking number.

    Thanks everyone!!
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    Hi Justin,

    Thank you. Well there are a lot of issues with my new Lynhx. I have send you some more comments via the contact page of Cinetics website.

    Should I delete every comment here and make an own post for each problem ? I can do it if you want.

    A support page would be good with the possibility to have private communication unless this forum is OK for communicating my problems

  • Hi @Rainer you can always email us for private communication. We're happy to work with you here as well though :) I think we've got most of your issues resolved. Just let us know if you have other questions :)
  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks. most problems are already solved..

  • Hello, is there a way to program Lynx in 'Slave' mode, so I can have qDSLR Dashboard control the Timelapse and the motion?
  • @Rudy this is not possible currently, but certainly something we can look into!
  • @ay8s just realized I forgot to reply to your note. Nice to hear from you and glad the motors are nice and quiet!

    The quick connect that connects the controller to the pan/tilt snaps apart with force. And once it is apart, you can use the included hex tool to remove either side of the connection. For example, you could move the piece on the pan/tilt head to the slider motor, if you are just doing a slide move and not using the pan/tilt motors.

  • @Justin This would be really great, looking forward to hear about this.

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