slide and tilt sync issue

I'm sure this is an operator error but scratching my head. I've used the 360 for a year to do slides, pans and tilts. Always separate not together (daisy chained). My controllers are all v2.4.. Here is setup with the two units daisy chained.
controller 1 is connected to slider. It is set as slider,timelapse, keyframes, s-m-s and master
controller 2 is connected to tilt motor. It is set as pan/tilt, timelapse, keyframes s-m-s and #1
update chains works and see message in #1
I set up start and stop points for master
I set my start and stop points for #1 using slider controller to select my #1
Camera is connected to #1, my tilt motor.

I'm doing astro timelapse so my desired sequence is for it to slide and tilt and click shutter on my Canon 6d (set to bulb) for 20 seconds..

What I get is camera shutter fires AS the slider moves. Shot is 20 seconds but tilt did not move.
After shutter release the tilt motor moves but camera shutter does not fire. However a full 20 seconds elapse.

So instead of slide, tilt, shoot I get slide and shoot at same time Then tilt and pause for same 20 seconds.

I hope that makes sense.. I'm pretty sure its a combination of how I have each controller's exposure, time record and playback time..

So bottom line, how do I set the exposure, record time and playback time to achieve for example a 10 second playback and each exposure 20 seconds long?


  • Hmm, I may have figured it out. I set the sequence up again and it looks to be working. Question when I'm setting my start and end point for my #1 from the master controller, do I also use the master controller to adjust my exposure, playback time and record time for #1? Before I was setting my #1 exposure, playback and record times prior to update chain.. Also, I want a camera delay of 750ms to make sure any shake in slider/tilt is dampened out before firing shutter. Is that best set in master controller or does it matter?
  • @nitesky glad you got that figured out! Your have to set exposure on the controller that the camera is triggered by. I guess this is so you could fire two cameras with different settings. Haven't tried that, but sounds cool ;) I believe you can also set camera delay on #1. Best practice to fire the camera with the master controller though.
    Hope this is helpful!

    Also!!... just watched your video!! Such awesome work as always from you guys. Thank you so much for sharing!

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