adjusting backlash in panning motor?

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Is the normal amount of play in the motors? When sliding it shakes terribly shooting video.


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    I have just the same on my new Lynx and I have written Cinetics with a video I just made like you.

  • Thanks - just got mine on friday and its really not usable for video as is. I live in Austin so hopefully we can figure it out easily maybe in person..

  • Looks like the play is in the tilt motor. Make sure the screw shown in the attached pic is tight. Will put some more info together on tuning the motors up. Give us a couple days please. Thanks guys!
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    thanks Justin. The L bracket it tight on the motor. The play in both pan and tilt motors is about the same - i mounted the L bracket on each to compare:

    pan motor:

    tilt motor:
  • @glenn please try the fix shown in the attached. Although, you can always come by the shop to have us do this since you are in Austin :)
  • Hi Justin:
    Assuming this adjustment is to actually slide the end plate? No (or VERY little) sidemovement is available on mine - the holes are round so it doesnt go anywhere.

    What time do you guys get in? I'll be South Austin around 0900 on Friday morning and could stop by?

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    Hi Justin,

    just for information.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi,

    Did anybody have success in adjusting the motors and achieved no backlash.

    I never did and I gave up ... :( I insist that the problem is the excessive excentricity of the Wormgear ...

  • I took mine to the Cinetics office and they fixed it to an acceptable amount.

    I wish it was a tighter but maybe its not possible. I'm just recording my video clips super slow slides where its less prone to shake and speed it up in post.

  • I'm having the same issue with the excessive play in both the pan and tilt motors. The instructions to loosen the 4 lid screws and push up didn't help. It seems the motor gears aren't machined to a fine enough degree? Hope Cinetics can find a solution. This issue is hurting my videos.
  • @Django Thanks for the feedback. We are working on this now and will be in touch!
  • Hi,
    tried all your instructions, but I still have movement, expecially in the panning-axis.

    I´m very dissapointed that this seems to be an issue many users have. and solutions provided are more the McGiver kind of way to fix a problem. If it would work - no problem with this. But it obviously doesn´t.

    So please everybody from the Cinetics/Lynx team help me to use my slider in a way it should be.

  • HI @miguel_muc we are aware of the issue, working on the best solution, and we will post here with an update soon. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your feedback.

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