slider vibration in video mode ...


I have been testing this weekend my Lynx and found out the following.

At long distances with short time the slide motor somehow is not able to cope with the necessary high amount of steps per second. Periodically every certain time it stutters.

Having myself a bit of experience in playing with stepper motors and having developed some hardware (drive focusers in telescopes) with them I made the following test a few minutes ago.

First test
Travel disctance 33cm in 20 seconds = stuttering every 5 seconds
Does not matter if ir is from left to right or from right to left = same behaviour

Second test
Travel distance 33cm in 30 seconds = very very slught stuttering

Third test
33cm in 35 seconds problem is not there anymore ...

For a travel of 43cm ~ 16,9" the time with no stuttering is 55 seconds and upwards ...



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