Lynx Firmware 1.0

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Hi all,

Lynx is shipping with firmware 1.0, and nearly all the Lynx kits we've sent out so far have been shipped with this version. There are a few Kickstarter Early Bird backers that got an older software version, and we'll contact them directly. If you reset to default settings, and go to the manual move screen and the default speeds are 70% for the slider and 50% for pan/tilt, you are on the correct 1.0 version.

If you have the old software, before you follow the update instructions attached:, you need to remove the four screws on the face of the controller, lift the face away, and press the small white ERASE button. Confirm that the controller shows a blank screen when you turn the controller on. Then the new software can be installed.

Thank you!!


  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks. Now mine is up to date.

    By the way just a question. When programminga Video move the Ramp is always at 5%. Is there a reason for it ?

  • I get all the way to Step 6 and then there is no option entitled "Arduino DUE (Native USB Port). Any ideas?
  • @KJNoble did you click the Boards Manager option at the top of the list on page 6 and search "due" as shown on page 7? Maybe that is the issue.

    @Rainer 5% is the default ramp, but you can adjust this as needed. 50% ramps up the first half of the move and down the second half.

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