Lynx does not finish correctly the saved preset

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II just made a preset of horizontal panning 360°. Lynx does not finish it where it should finish. It stops a few degrees before the real end. I made a test with 30 seconds and 40 seconds.

My camera is a 5D Mark III with a EF 11-24mm lens and weghs in that configuration about 2.2kg ~ 4.8 pounds.

I think there is still a lot of testing to do and refining the whole enchilada :( or we the Early Bird Backers got Monday units :-)



  • Hi,

    I made some more tests for a 360° turn and the longer the time is the better the ebdpsotioning is, and that confirms my suspicions ....

    Lynx motors do loose steps when turning at high speeds ...

  • @Rainer, I'm not sure if this was before the most recent firmware update.
    Try setting ramping down to 0 or 1%.
    And is the problem for a Video program? Try Timelapse - Continuous.
    Longer run times should be more accurate also, as you noticed.
  • Hi,

    Yes but then you should change the message you send when the distance and the speed do not match :-)

    The motors are loosing steps due to too high step speed ... The motors can not cope with that step rate you have programmed into it ...


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