Slider timing belt backlash from drive pulley

edited September 2017 in Lynx

While making some tests with the slider motor I found another source of backlash. perhaps due to poor assembly of the Lynx, where ever they do it, they forgot to insert a screw into the drvie pulley of the timing belt on the motor side.

I found a 3mm screw abnd inserted it and so this backlash source was eliminated.

See image wiht missing screw

Drive pulley with screw fixing backlash. I did not find an Allen head screw. As soon as I have one I will exchange it and also apply a bit of Locktite so it does not loosen.



  • Rainer, sorry we forgot to put this screw in place. Not sure how that made it passed us. Glad you were able to get it fixed. You have one of the very first Lynx kits we shipped, thanks for communicating these issues to us so we can make sure to correct them moving forward.
  • Well, yes, but I am getting a bit tired of so many things I have to correct.

    I am sure you will make it up somehow :)


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