No Lynx app in Canada android store?

A search couldn't find it, and clicking on the playstore link on the lymx webpage takes me to the playstore on a page that says the item isnt available in my country. Any eta on when it should be available in Canada?


  • Weird. I haven't heard this issue and we have several Lynx users in Canada.

    This link doesn't work?
  • Kai
    edited September 9
  • Hi @Kai

    We're looking into this now. In the mean time, you can try...

    -open chrome
    -sign in with your gmail acount
    -go to playstore (the website, not the playstore app in your phone)
    -search for the app that you want but isn't available in your country
    -press install and choose a device were the app is going to be installed

    This may be an issue with our app settings on the Play Store, we're checking that out now.

  • Actually, looks like the app was set to only be available in the US by mistake. We just submitted an update to Google to make it available in all countries. So it should be available in the store in a few hours. Thanks!
  • Thanks Justin. I too was looking at wuats ivved in getting an app from us.

    Everything else so far seems to be working great.
  • I tried today for a Samsung Galaxy and I do not find it.

    I assume it is on the Play Store ¿?

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