Carbon fiber rod extension inserts loosen very easily

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After some rest testing my Early bird Lynx slider I wanted to see how it looks and works with the 24" extension carbon fiber tubes ...

Well and WOW WOW WOW

I screwed in the extension tubes and ...WOW... I did not find nearly no stop and suddenly I had the threaded inserts turning freely in the main tubes and then I was able to pull them easily out of the main 24" tubes :-)

Looks like I am not even a Beta tester but an Alpha Hardware tester ...


Sorry but this is so funny that I am not even angry at Cinetics. ...

I am just ROFLMAO



  • Hi Rainer,

    We are sending you a new pair of rails now.
    You received one of the very first Lynx kits. One of the first 10 we shipped. We're very sorry there were some issues. But in our defense, we've been prompt to address each concern you have had.
    Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks and apologies if you fett mistreated but I was astonished to having so much trouble with it.

    I hope that after getting the rails everything is OK and I can change my opinion which surely will happen :-)

    Regards Rainer

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