Slider Vibrates Then Gets Stuck

I hoped the firmware update would solve this problem, but it hasn't. When using the slider, if it moves at just a crawl I have no problem, But if it picks up speed it starts vibrating and then sticks trying to go back and forth. Any ideas on a fix? I thought it might be the camera weight, but even without the camera on the pan/tilt, it still does it.


  • Hi,
    I would like to try it. Please post the settings you have input so I can replicate it and see what mine does.
    What is your camera weight ?
    Do you have rail ezstensions on it ?
  • I have the same problem. It wouldn stuck on mine, but at higher speed driving the cart vibrates a lot. With and without camera attached on the cart. I played with the torgue setting and with the tensioner. Tightening and losening the belt didnt help either. At low speed (in Manual Mode) under 30% nothing is noticeable. Seems to be a problem from the slider motor. Is that fixable?

    Best regards Martin
  • Hi guys, sorry for the trouble. First, confirm you are on the correct 1.0 firmware... reset settings and go to manual move. Speeds should be 50/50/70 for pan/tilt/slide.
    Use the medium torque setting. It's always a good idea to reset to default settings if you are having an issue. It is best to use very low speeds when actually filming for the smoothest shot. Here is a video of what the slider should look like at full speed...

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