Issue getting Lynx to interface with DragonFrame 4

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I made avideo explaining my problem.

Would love some input!



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    Whoa, can't keep up with you! ;) Lol at the pumpkin and nice edit!

    We used Dragonframe 3 when developing so if you can't get 4 to work, I'd suggest trying 3.

    But first, try manually adding the motor and choose DF Moco Arduino.

    For others' reference, here are instructions for connecting Lynx to DF -
  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    Are there any plans to upgrade the firmware for Dragonframe compatibility? (If so, what's the timeline for that?)
  • @Sol, we'll test with DF 4 and let you know how it goes. Were you able to try manually adding motor and choosing MF Moco Arduino? I'd point you to the exact part in your video where that option is, but it is showing up as private now.

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