keyframe lost when stopping

hi all,
i am coming from the axis 360 with the "old" controllers.
Got my lynx today and i am kind of confused. Once i program my keyframes (video), i start the action. All runs nice (cycle mode). but once i stop the action, all the data is lost. With the old controller, i just had to press play (again) and the "program" runs again.
Am i too stupid or is this feature gone?
2nd: Is there a way to adjust the motor speed? My slider motor is modified so it needs to turn slower. The old controller handle this very nice.
3rd: iphone: is this only for time lapse? Couldn t find a video mode :-(



  • Hi Alex,

    On the Lynx controller, you have the option of saving a program. So you can save your move and run it as many times as necessary. I guess you can't rerun a move without saving, but we'll look into this.

    Thank you!

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