Spherical panorama possible?

I currently have a Gigapan that I use for creating spherical panoramas.. Typically it shoots 5 vertical rows of 8 horizontal images. It works well. It's a bit inelegant in that you have to program it every time, which involves setting vertical start and stop points that consume needles time and results in unpredictable and unrepeatable results--the horizon ends up being the average of wherever the vertical and downward pitch positions were set..

I'm interested in the prospect of using a Lynx, which in theory, would let me level the camera out and just start the program, giving repeatable results with no on-site programming. .

I saw that someone provided instructions to program a 360 horizontal panorama of 8 images, so it seems that is possible.

My question is: can that be extended to shoot at 5 different pitch intervals in one go, for a total of 40 images?


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    Hi @senorpablo great questions.. yes Lynx can definitely do spherical panoramas!

    You would set point 1, pan over and set point 2 firing 8 images between, tilt up and set point 3 firing no shots, pan over firing 8 images... etc. To do 5 rows would require 10 keyframes to be set. So this would take some time to program, but you could save it and run the save program as you mentioned.

    You're not the first person to suggest this feature. We'll look into adding a Panorama mode that would let you do this with just two keyframes and telling it row many rows and photos per row.

  • Fantastic! Thanks so much for the reply.
  • I tried to program this and wasn't successful.

    First, whenever I tried to program a move which went near 360 degrees of pan, at runtime the controller would circle once around in the opposite direction and then start the timelapse.

    Second, it always produced one extra image as it takes shots at the start and end points, which for a 360 degree pan are the same.

    Thridly, the pan angles where never consistent even though I started in the exact same place every time.
  • The program is intended to have you select the start point, then end point, then it returns to start before beginning the programmed move. We've been working on fine tuning motor movements in the version 1.1 firmware that we will be posting in a week or so. Thanks!

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