Can't save moves in video program mode

Is there a way to save custom moves in video program mode? I only see the option in time-lapse. Also, is there a way to save programmed moves in the app? It would be great to be able to store and recall the moves there as well.



  • Only being able to save two keyframes in time-lapse mode is very frustrating.
    It is also frustrating to set 10 keyframes for a video move and not be able to preview, edit, store, or replay it.
    This means that I loose valuable time having to recreate the entire move each time I want to run the move. The moves also can not be recreated exactly, so matching shots for post comping effects isn't possible.

    The main reason that I purchased this slider was to be able to set video moves and then predictably repeat them.
  • Ok, so after contacting Cinetics, I was informed that the option was below the add keyframe option in the video mode. I made the mistake of not indexing the menu down far enough. My fault.
    Also, as far as editing the moves.... They suggest using dragon frame.
    Thanks Augie.
  • @jcarncross just wanted to say thanks for posting this info. We're working on firmware updates now and will see if it is possible to add the ability to edit programed moves. As for repeating moves exactly, this is possible... you need to make sure you position the motors in the exact home position (all centered as shown in the diagram on the screen) before saving or running the move. We've added markings to later models to help enable you to do this precisely (see attached image). If you have an earlier model you could use white out or a marker to do this.

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