no smooth slide pan tilt (lynx)

Hey folks,

I just got my Lynx 3 Axis Slider with the pan tilt motor and the slider motor. Firmware 1.0 and speed is set to 50/50/70. When I'm in program move all movements are not smooth. I doesn't matter if I'm just sliding to the side or if I pan to a side. It is shaking sometimes. What can I do?
I tried to do a fire shot test with my GH5. It is not working, as well. Is there something I do wrong?



  • Hi there, there are a few options to improve stability...
    Balance your camera well over the slider axis and on the pan and tilt motors.
    Use a light weight camera setup, as lighter cameras are easier to balance properly.
    Use slow motor movements. The max motor speeds are more useful for setting up shots and slow moves are smoother.
    To make sure your camera fires properly... set it to manual focus, and to single shot (not delay or burst), also it can be helpful to increase the exposure time on the controller as this determines how long of a signal is sent to the camera, try increasing to 1s.
    Hope this is helpful. Please let us know. Thanks

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