Lynx Firmware 1.1 Coming Soon

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Hi all!

Wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback on the Lynx motion control system! We've been taking it all in and doing some significant reworking in the software. There are already lots of great updates over the version 1.0 code, but we wanted to take a few more weeks to add a few more key improvements. So please be patient, and we'll plan to complete version 1.1 by the end of January.

Here are some of the highlights of the Lynx 1.1 code...

  • Improved graphics, higher resolution movement on progress bars, improved display formatting across the board.
  • Corrected timing and distance issues between move keyframes with a new function based on speeds, acceleration, and distance. Refined code in motor driver library.
  • Modified graphics to improve continuity when swapping between different program functions.
  • Added setting to choose Lynx or Axis360 hardware, fixing distance errors for Axis360 users in previous version.
  • Edited STARS, SUNSET, and "INTERVIEW" factory presets based on user feedback.
  • Modified MANUAL MOVE menu. Motor speed adjustment now saves on exiting the menu instead of only when going to RUN and is saved and reloaded when the controller boots.
More updates coming!

Thanks for your feedback and patience!!

Let's keep this thread focused on firmware please.


  • Is the the lynx be compatible with Timelapse+ VIEW
  • A suggestion for the manual move menu would be to put run above the motor settings. If you're going into the manual move menu, you want to move the slider 100% of the time. and adjust the settings only sometimes, and perhaps never. Having to scroll through all the settings to get to run isn't efficient.
  • It had be nice to reverse the slider movement, becouse i like to have det controller on the other side. When i push left button it go to right!

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