Lynx Pan & Tilt Motor Tuning

Hi all!

We've been working to eliminate gear play in the Lynx pan and tilt motors and wanted to post the latest...

There are now three types of motors that we have sent out. They are labeled A, B & C in the attachment.

Type A is the first design we sent out. You can adjust the motors to minimize play by following instructions here:
Some Type A motors work perfectly without adjustment and some still have play after adjustment.

To eliminate the play completely we built Type B & C motors. You'll see they have set screws in the motor housing that push the gears firmly together. B & C motors perform similarly, the difference being that B is an update to A, while C is newly manufactured housing.

If you have B or C style motors, you should not experience motor play. If you have an A style that you've adjusted as shown in the link above, and you'd still like it to be tighter, send us an email at info at cinetics, and we will help you get it updated.

Thank you all for your patience as we've worked to perfect the Lynx system. We appreciate your feedback!

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