Mobile app additions and firmware requests

Hey Cinetics,

I just got the lynx yesterday. It is a big upgrade on the axis360 and I am much more likely to take it places because I can set it up much faster and there are way fewer parts to go missing. The carrying case is also really nice.

I have a couple of suggestions/requests for the mobile app and the firmware.

1. As far as I can tell there is no way to set the movement by degrees and not just by setting rough keyframes. We talked a bit about making a mode where we could do gigapan style images but this is virtually impossible using the current firmware. For some of these panoramas you use a 200mm+ lens so the field of view of the images may only be a couple of degrees. It is virtually impossible to set such a small increment using manual keyframes. If you don't intend to add a gigapixel panorama mode, can you somehow add the ability to adjust each frame by a number of degrees? I think a few people have talked about spherical panoramas etc so a multi row panarama may be popular. I found out recently that the emotimo tb3 has that functionality if you want to see their implementation.

2. I can see a way to save sequences made on the mobile app. Can that be added?

3. There are a couple of bugs in the mobile app for android. I get a "no connection" notice when I go to the presets even though I can still move the motors on the remote controler screen. I also have to reset my phone every time after the connection is idle for an amount of time (unlocked international Samsung Galaxy S7).



  • @Justin Can you respond to this, please.
  • Hi @duncan ! Sorry for the delay. Was focused on getting the 1.1 firmware update out and this slipped by me.

    Thanks for the kind words about the Lynx. We're happy you are enjoying it!!

    We are working on panorama functionality, and this is definitely something that could be implemented in future firmware updates. I'll touch base with our team and get an update on this.

    You need to use the controller to save sequences. We'll look into what it would take to add this to the mobile app. And thanks for sharing the issues with your phone, I'll pass these on too.

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