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after researching for months and putting a side $ for a good slider, then deciding to purchase they Lynx from B and H Photo, its pretty disappointing that after 3 days of trying, both my Video and Time Lapse footage is far from smooth.

I have tried this forum, email customer service, google search to figure it out. And really, it should be smooth right out the box with trouble shooting tips for the times its not.

Now I have to decide do I eat the $165 import fees (I live in Canada) and pay another $65 to return the slider. Or do I use After Effects' Stabiliser to make smooth. Not what I would expect for $1900 all in......

So disappointed...................


  • can you send a video of the results your getting?
  • @gmore70 sorry you are having trouble getting a smooth shot, but we're here for you to help you get the perfect shot you are after. Like @tourwizard mentioned, could you share a video, so we can help you trouble shoot?
  • I'm going to delete your other thread and copy your post here...

    ''Hi There,

    I just received my Lynx Slider and have been playing with it for a couple of days. Unfortunately, Both my time lapse and video footage is wobbly.

    To be clear, this is a sideways slide. I dont have the pan and tilt motors attached. My camera is attached to a 3 party, pan and tilt head that is locked tightly. My camera is perfectly level.

    As well, the motor makes a noticeable whirl sound, more than I think it should.

    I have the lynx slider on hard concrete ground. The feet have a solid grip. I have tightening everything. I have released the break as loose as can.

    I have looked online, both here and a google search. I cant find anything to assist. I am confident its just me as I know that if it was an issue, others would complain.

    Any tips, tricks or advice on how to get rid of the wobble footage.''
  • I'd suggest removing the pan/tilt head and starting with a basic slide with the camera connected with a low profile ball head. Or you can even connect an arca-type clamp to the slider cart and an arca plate to the camera... this can enable a very balanced setup. Balancing the camera over the slider is important for smooth motion.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I had a good chat with the guys at B and H photo. We noted that the lock on the slider was not working. You cant lock the slider. It came like that. We also came to the conclusion that I may have drawn the short stick and pulled up a lemon. The good news is they spoke highly of your company.

    So they are going to provide me a new slider, not motor, not controller, just the slider. So I can go from there.

    For footage, yes, I can provide you a lot of footage as I saved all my tests. Both video and time lapse. But I am currently at work. I will do this in a few hours.

    I did try without the pan and tilt head. Straight onto the slider "cart" Didnt make any difference..

    For reference I am using the sony 6500. I tried my best to balance, including using the original "kit" lens as its so light and its as close to a "pancake" lens as I have. The a6500 is pretty light camera and I find it very easy to balance.

    I also tried turning off Sony Camera stabilizer, lens stabilizer.

    I tried using the "extensions" rails that came with it and did a slide just on those rails. Thinking that they might be better.

    Put it this way, on Sunday morning, I made a few cups of tea, turned on some music and patiently spent 6 hours trying everything I could.

    So lets see what the new rails do. It will take a 3 weeks for my old to get from Vancouver, Canada to New York and the new ones to get from New York back to Canada. So back to you then.
  • The new slider arrived. It solved the issue. Both video and time lapse are smooth.

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