Lynx Firmware 1.1

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We're excited to release firmware 1.1 for Lynx! There are tons of great improvements, and we're now working on 1.2, so please let us know what you think. A big thank you to Andrew and Augie for all the hard work on the code and testing.

If you have issues with the update you can always send it in to us to update for you, but both the Windows and Mac updaters should do the trick.

Here is a summary of all the updates. Enjoy!

Lynx Firmware v. 1.1

Interface Improvements

-Splash screen on startup can now be skipped by pressing the Menu button.

-Reduced number of homing operations necessary to browse multiple presets
-If you hit the menu button from a preset preview you will now return to the PRESETS menu to select another preset (instead of the MAIN MENU). Homing again is not necessary unless you start a program and quit.

PROGRAM MOVE Menu (program setup):
-Redesigned interfaces for better uniformity
-Improved stop motion settings interface
-it's now easier to adjust the shot count.
-Removed warning popups when the minimum run time and interval are reached during timelapse and video setup.
-Interface now just stops incrementing when the minimum is reached, provides a less jarring experience.

-RUN option is now at the top for quicker access.
-Motor speed values are saved.

-BACKLIGHT now has a 5 second option (previously 30 seconds was the shortest)
-Users with the LYNX slider can leave this at the default LYNX value, users running the Axis 360 or Cinemoco dolly systems should set the corresponding value here. This will adjust motor rates and calculations to correct several issues with those systems from the 1.0 firmware.
-Enables or disables the display of the splash screen on boot (this can save a few seconds)

-New READY screen shows info on the program that is about to run
-New LOADING screen displays progress as system moves to the first position for the program.
-New RUNNING screen displays more information in a cleaner arrangement with a progress bar.
-Display is now the same regardless of whether the running program is a factory preset, a user preset, or an unsaved program.
-Backlight shuts off as soon as the move begins
-This is to prevent backlight from interfering with low light shooting, i.e. astro timelapse.
-Pressing any of the D pad keys will toggle the backlight on/off.

-System enters this menu after a program completes or is aborted via the menu button.
-EXIT TO MAIN MENU discards the current program (a prompt asks you if you're sure you want to do this)
-RESTART PROGRAM allows you to re-run the program immediately without saving or re-homing the system.
-SAVE PROGRAM allows you to create a new user preset for the program that just ran.
-NOTE: saving requires homing the system before picking a save slot and name. You will be returned to the main menu afterward, your saved program can then be loaded via the PRESETS menu.

Implemented video-move speed limit to prevent potential vibration due to motor stalling.
-Approximately 1.4 seconds per inch maximum speed during a video program move.
-NOTE: The minimum run time is dependent upon the motor ramping value. Increasing the motor ramp value will raise the minimum run time.

Timing procedure changed in SMS Timelapse mode
-System now moves as soon as the camera is done taking a photo then waits at the next position until it's time to take the next photo.
-This provides more time for vibrations in the system to settle out prior to the next photo.
-NOTE: even if you are not using "bulb" mode on your camera, you should set the shutter speed on your Lynx controller to a value equal to or longer than the shutter speed your camera is shooting at. This setting tells the controller how long it should wait for your camera to finish capturing before moving to the next position.

Bug Fixes

-Corrected several photo capture timing issues in timelapse mode that affected multi-keyframe programs.
-Corrected some issues with button behavior. Unintended double and triple button presses should no longer occur when navigating menus.
-Corrected inconsistencies in backlight on/off behavior across all program functions.
-Corrected parameters for factory presets to avoid hardware collisions on a properly assembled and homed system.
-Corrected issue that caused Axis360 sliders to fail at establishing keyframes for longer moves.
-Corrected issue where abort function (menu button) did not work in certain cases while system was in motion.
-Corrected issue causing the graphics on the screen to shift vertically.


  • I just tried the update. As soon as I clicked "update", the updater quit responding for a few seconds. When it returned, It said update failed. Now when I try to turn it on, the screen is blank. When I plug it in, Windows tells me the USB device is not recognized.
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    Richard, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the update. If you start the updater then hit the refresh ports button, is there only one com port available? Maybe your PC has another that you need to choose. If you have access to a another PC or Mac you could try the update on a different computer also. You can always send the controller to us to repair if you are unable to resolve this, but we'll see if we can help you get it updated on your own first.

    Edit: looks like Augie helped you resolve this over email :)
  • Turn controller off. Connect cable. Unit immediately turns on. Download and extract from link above. Immediately the installer pops up a window saying cannot be what...
  • After requesting a phone call...determined after downloading the update, on a Windows 10 OS, RIGHT click the installer app icon in the window - brings up menu and select "run as Administrator." That solved the trick. New window popped up, updated the ports and then updated the firm ware. A bunch of gobbly gook scrolled on the screen and it finished in less than 10 seconds...thanks!!
  • HI,

    Which file do I start for updating ?

    regards Rainer

    update.JPG 29.2K
  • Hi @Rainer

    You want to open the "LynxUpdater" application (see attachment). If it is not showing up, please make sure your antivirus is not blocking it. Please let us know how it goes.

    Capture.jpg 57.2K
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    Yes Antivirus killed your *.exe file and after I recovered it tried to make the update the controller is DEAD

    It detected it on COM 7 i clicked on update and then Dead and never ever recovered again ...
  • Sorry, to hear that Rainer. I've replied to your email. We'll get this resolved ASAP.

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