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  • Yes Antivirus killed your *.exe file and after I recovered it tried to make the update the controller is DEAD It detected it on COM 7 i clicked on update and then Dead and never ever recovered again ...
  • HI, Which file do I start for updating ? regards Rainer
  • Hi Alexander, Great. Can you explain how you did it so other can also profit from you experience ? Thank you and regards Rainer
  • Hi, No, what I mean is that maybe get the teeth of the Wormgear to touch more of the worm itself. See attached images. Maybe you could get a better machining of the Wormgear with much less excentricity. I measured one of your Wormgear and it is tr…
  • Hi, I would like to try it. Please post the settings you have input so I can replicate it and see what mine does. What is your camera weight ? Do you have rail ezstensions on it ? regards
  • Hi Justin, Thanks and apologies if you fett mistreated but I was astonished to having so much trouble with it. I hope that after getting the rails everything is OK and I can change my opinion which surely will happen :-) Regards Rainer
  • Hi, Did anybody have success in adjusting the motors and achieved no backlash. I never did and I gave up ... I insist that the problem is the excessive excentricity of the Wormgear ... Rainer
  • I tried today for a Samsung Galaxy and I do not find it. I assume it is on the Play Store ¿?
  • Hi, Yes but then you should change the message you send when the distance and the speed do not match :-) The motors are loosing steps due to too high step speed ... The motors can not cope with that step rate you have programmed into it ... Rainer
  • Well, yes, but I am getting a bit tired of so many things I have to correct. I am sure you will make it up somehow Rainer
  • Hi, I made some more tests for a 360° turn and the longer the time is the better the ebdpsotioning is, and that confirms my suspicions .... Lynx motors do loose steps when turning at high speeds ... Rainer
  • Quote Alexander " I had the idea that you maybe find a solution be using distance washers with thickness of 0,05 mm steps to put this behind the bearing in the bearing retainer. " On which axis ? Wormgear or Worm ? ... and what do you think wil…
  • Hi Justin, Thanks. most problems are already solved.. Rainer
  • Hi Justin, Yes that problem is no issue anymore and was fixed with the Firmware update. Rainer
  • Hi Justin, I followed your instructions but faced a common problem when using worm and gear reduction. As the gear has always a certain excentricity you have to back off until you pass troublefree the mountain of the gear and then you have on the o…
  • Hi Justin, OH, that simple is the backlash adjustment ? Will try it in the afternoon. On the other Hand after a certain time, if too tight, they will polish in by themselves as we have a Steel worm on a Brass gear :-) Thanks Rainer
  • Hi Justin, Thanks. Now mine is up to date. By the way just a question. When programminga Video move the Ramp is always at 5%. Is there a reason for it ? Rainer
  • Hi Justin, Thank you. Well there are a lot of issues with my new Lynhx. I have send you some more comments via the contact page of Cinetics website. Should I delete every comment here and make an own post for each problem ? I can do it if you wan…
  • Hi, I have just the same on my new Lynx and I have written Cinetics with a video I just made like you. Rainer
  • Hi, ... and for today my last post is that from time to time my motors do make a nasty noise. similar to a grinding machine, and do not move .... They also have a lot of backlash .... Rainer
  • Hi, In the instruction manual there is no mention of Chain but in the menu of my controller there are 2 menu of ¿ Chain settings ? ... Another thing is the 4 factory presets Sunset, Holy Grail, Panorama and Interview do absolutely nothing when I …
  • Hi, Well I managed to set up a program move as a Timelapse. What I notice is the followong which is no very logic. Right after stopping the move it operates the shutter. It would be far better to move, wait = time and then shot and right after sho…
  • Hi, Another nuisance is the 4 arrow buttons, which are by far, too near to the centered select button. Very easy to press the select button when you do not want too. Perhaps it was designed by a Lady with very small fingers, but most of us with o…
  • Hi, I want to run the factory presets but nothing happens ... Is there somewhere the possibility to update the firmware ? I have not done much but looks like reality is very different from Instruction manual ... What a pity ... Rainer ...
  • Hi, Well looks like the instruction manual an my Lynx controller firmware are different. In the manual it says Torque can be set in Settings. In my controller in Settings there is NO " Torque " menu ... Rainer
  • Hi, Got my Lynx a few days ago. Anybody who connected via Bluetooth has also noticed that the screen on the motion controller shifts up a few pixels ? regards Rainer
  • Hi Justin, Thanks for your reply and apologies for the late answer from my side. Quote: " Adding wheels on the outside could improve stability of the cart (while increasing its size), but could also be detrimental to the connection between the rai…